Round Cubic Zirconia Men’s Stud Earrings – MJME024


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Pag and Mag’s Zirconia-studded earrings are the perfect solution for elevating your daily style.

They feature a durable brass base, 18K yellow and white gold plating, a minimalist round-disc design, dual-tone elegance, easy maintenance, and age-neutral suitability.

Engineered for durability and long-lasting shine, these earrings offer the brilliance of premium zirconia stones. The dual-tone 18K gold plating provides versatility, making them suitable for any outfit and perfect for all styles.

Our earrings are easy to clean and designed to resist tarnishing, providing a practical yet luxurious experience. The Pag and Mag Zirconia-Studded Earrings measure 1cm in diameter and are suitable for all ages, available in dual tones.

Material: Gold Plated

Plating: Electroplating

Stone: Cubic Zirconia

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