Square Cubic Zirconia Men’s Stud Earrings – MJME015


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Square Cubic Zirconia Men’s Stud Earrings – MJME015 are the perfect solution for those seeking a blend of punk and elegance.

They are elegantly designed, offer a perfect fit, are skin-friendly, crafted from durable material, provide all-day comfort, and are available in multiple variations.

These earrings ensure the highest quality and durability. Their hypoallergenic material provides protection for sensitive skin, making them suitable for everyday wear and perfect for showcasing personal style.

Our earrings are designed to elevate any outfit and cater to the modern man’s fashion needs.

These earrings measure in a standard size and are suitable for adults. Available in two colour variations. Ideal for style-forward individuals.

Material: Gold Plated

Plating: Electroplating

Stone: Cubic Zirconia

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