Explore Our Dazzling Cubic Zirconia Jewellery Collection

Welcome to Pag and Mag, where timeless elegance meets affordability.


Our Cubic Zirconia collection is a testament to this.

Every stone is precisely cut and set to mimic a real diamond’s brilliance. It’s luxury without the hefty price tag.


Rings for Every Occasion

Are you looking for that perfect ring?

Our variety of stone rings cater to every taste. Find a an engagement ring to express your endless love.

Or a sterling silver ring for a dash of daily glam. Each is a blend of classic and modern design. We have loads of options to choose from and our quality ensures that you will always be over the moon with your purchase.

Beyond Rings: Earrings and More

Our collection goes beyond just rings for women.

Discover a range of captivating earrings, from simple studs to glamorous hoop earrings. Choose from our silver,stainless steel or gold plated materials.

We love to blend contemporary style with timeless charm.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

It’s a synthetic crystalline substance, an ethical and affordable alternative to diamonds. The debate of diamond vs. Cubics leans toward CZ for its value and ethical sourcing. Read more about the history and properties of Cubic Zirconia on Wikipedia.

It’s a choice for the eco-friendly consumer. The diamante comes in a rainbow of colours, from red and pink to sapphire. There is a colour to suit any buyer.

Discover the Magic of Zirconia

Zirconia, is a gemstone known for its diamond-like look.

Pag and Mag shows off the beauty and versatility of this stone in the various jewellery pieces we sell. From rings to chains, there’s something for everyone.

Exceptional Craftsmanship From A Trusted Jeweller

Every piece of jewellery from Pag and Mag reflects exceptional craftsmanship.

The quality is unmistakable, whether it’s a CZ band ring or a pair of earrings. Our well-crafted pieces show our dedication to excellence.

Dive into Elegance

Delve into a world of elegance with Pag and Mag’s unique jewel collection.

Our range offers luxury for those seeking stylish and affordable jewellery options. We are always evolving and adding new styles to our existing offerings. This means that you have endless opportunities to wow your clientele, no matter their taste.