Gold Jewellery

Gold has captured our hearts for centuries.


Pag and Mag has a fantastic gold jewellery collection that mixes timeless classics with modern sophistication. With a base of solid sterling silver our gold collection is affordable without compromising on luxury and quality.

Shop online and discover what makes us shine.


Why Does Gold Jewellery Over Sterling Silver Stand Out?

With its radiant yellow glow, gold has a shine that few can resist. Its timeless appeal, combined with its durability, makes it a favoured choice for jewellery.

From the smooth texture of our gold necklace to the refined silhouette of our Pag and Mag gold rings, each piece speaks of precision, quality, and top craftsmanship.

Gold Rings and Drop Earrings: Classic South Africa Elegance

Gold-plated rings represent a commitment, a memory, or simply an appreciation of beauty.

Our collection offers a variety, from the intertwined gold double bands to delicate gold flower motifs, catering to diverse personal tastes.

Earrings, such as our double hoop earrings or the subtle drop designs, are the perfect accent to your style.

Pendants, Necklaces, and Bracelets: The Jewellery Box Essentials

Gold large pendants offer a touch of charm to any ensemble. Whether it’s a round pendant or a dainty heart pendant, the subtle details make the difference.

Bracelets, with their delicate chains or gold bangles, wrap around the wrist, adding a hint of shimmer and elegance.

The Artistry Behind Gold Chains and Round Bangles

Gold chains, be it a bold, thick gold chain or a more understated cross design, are versatile pieces that elevate any outfit.

Bangles, brimming with grace, come in various designs. Whether you prefer a simple metal disc design or something medium to large, there’s something in our collection for everyone.

Discovering the Best in Online Gold Collections

Are you looking online to find the perfect gold piece?

Our online collection promises the highest quality and a seamless sales experience.

We pride ourselves on offering the best, from rings to pendants, bracelets to earrings. And with secure shopping protocols in place, you can shop with confidence. Dive deep and explore our wide selection. Our team is just a click away to guide you if you need assistance.