Gold Bracelets

In its shimmering glory, gold has always been more than just metal.

A symbol of wealth, a token of love, a fashion statement—each gold bracelet tells its own story. Gold bracelets for ladies have stood the test of time in South African fashion.

And why wouldn’t it? The embrace of a gold bracelet adds that little extra sparkle to any outfit, any occasion. With our pieces crafted from a base of solid silver and expertly layered with 14K yellow gold, luxury is now even more affordable.


Bangles vs. Bracelets: Understanding the Different Gold Bracelets

Bangles are the free spirits of the wrist world, moving with their own will.

Bracelets? They’re the sleek sophisticates, offering a snug hug. Both are crafted with gold, but while bangles love to jingle in groups, bracelets often take the solo spotlight.

So, which to choose? Whether feeling the bold bangle vibe or seeking bracelet elegance, remember—gold makes everything better.

Embracing the Radiance of 14k Gold Plated Sterling Silver

It’s shiny but affordable. Enter the world of 14k gold-plated sterling silver.

A layer of gold over sterling silver—giving you the lustrous look of gold without the weighty price tag.

It’s the perfect blend for those who crave gold’s glow but adore sterling silver’s touch. It’s brilliance on a budget!

Designs To Love: From Elegant Chains to Stunning CZ Bracelets

Chain links showcase elegance. Cubic Zirconias give the look of sophistication.

At Pag and Mag, our range of designs spans from the classics to the contemporary – each piece, whether a dainty chain or a dazzling tennis bracelet, is perfectly crafted.

Dive in and find that special piece that makes your heart skip a beat.

A Seamless Purchase Experience: Payment Options at Pag and Mag

Shop. Choose. Pay. It’s that simple.

Our array of payment options ensures a smooth checkout process.

And hey, if you’ve got questions? Just contact us for any type of help you need.

Preserving the Shine: Care Tips for Your Gold Bracelets

Gold sparkles, but it needs a little love. Keep it away from harsh chemicals. Give it a gentle rub occasionally, and store it in a soft pouch when not in use. Follow these golden rules and let your bracelet shine, turning heads and capturing hearts.

Shopping Bracelets Online: The Pag and Mag Promise

Step into the digital realm of Pag and Mag, where shopping for bracelets online is more than a transaction—it’s a joy.

Our curated range, detailed descriptions, and crystal-clear images make for a seamless shopping experience. All from the comfort of your home.

And once you hit ‘buy’, rest easy. We ensure it reaches your doorstep, wrapped in love and luxury.

Discover More: Exploring the Expansive Pag and Mag Collection

Gold bracelets are just the beginning. Dive deeper into the Pag and Mag ocean and discover a treasure trove of jewellery waiting to adorn you.

Each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality and design, from necklaces to rings.