Gold Rings

Gold rings have long been cherished, especially by South African women.

Their blend of gold over sterling silver stands out in today’s jewellery market.

Our Pag and Mag rings are not ordinary; they’re statements of style, personality, and occasion. We stock gold rings suitable for engagement, marriage, or simple everyday touch of elegance.


The “Classic” Reimagined: What Today’s Gold Rings Offer

Today’s “classic” gold ring, especially those with simple designs, is not as you’d remember. It’s where the timeless charm of yellow gold meets modern aesthetics.

Whether a thin gold ring or one adorned with a heart, the modern classic gold ring pushes boundaries.

And with various widths and styles available, from plain gold rings to intricate bands, the selection is endless.

Infinity Rings: The Pinnacle of Gold Ring Design

Infinity rings are beyond fleeting trends. Crafted in yellow gold over solid silver, they represent a timeless love.

An infinity gold ring for engagement, in particular, isn’t just an accessory; it’s a promise – a pledge of an everlasting bond, sealed with a symbol as enduring as gold.

Affordable Elegance: Finding Your Perfect Gold Engagement Ring

Gold engagement rings don’t always have to be expensive.

Pag and Mag is known for affordable options that don’t compromise design or quality.

Especially in South Africa, there’s a surge in designs that cater to those seeking elegance without a hefty price tag.

Consider Pag and Mag gold-plated sterling silver rings, which capture the essence of gold without being overwhelming.

For women, the options are even more diverse, ranging from intricate gold jewellery pieces to simplistic, thin bands. 

Stacking Up Style: The Art of Gold Rings Stack

One of the prevailing trends in gold rings for women is stacking. It’s an art form of mixing and matching various rings to create a unique ensemble.

The possibilities are endless, whether bands of different widths, plain gold rings combined with those embedded with stones, or a mix of gold rings for engagement and marriage.

In gold ring jewellery, stacking lets you express your personality, one ring at a time.