Sterling Silver Jewellery

With its brilliant shine, affordability and diverse style options, it’s easy to see why sterling silver is a treasured metal for jewellery.

The unique qualities of the 925 sterling silver alloy give it gorgeous luster along with strength and durability.

From everyday wear to special occasions, this versatile metal pairs perfectly with both casual and formal settings.





Sterling silver is a popular metal used in making high-quality jewellery.

Sterling 925 silver is an alloy containing 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper. This combination of 99.9% pure silver and copper makes the metal more durable for jewellery purposes compared to using pure silver alone.

The addition of copper gives the silver strength and hardness without impacting its beautiful shine. Explore the world of 925 silver jewellery with Pag and Mag.

Sterling Silver vs Other Metals 

92.5 silver is different than other metals used in jewellery. Fine silver on its own is too soft and malleable for most jewellery. Adding copper creates 925, an alloy that is more durable while maintaining a brilliant luster.

This precious metal is less expensive than metals like platinum and gold. It is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin. 

Compared to metals like nickel silver, it has a higher purity and does not contain nickel which can cause allergic reactions.

The 92.5% pure silver content gives it a shine and elegance that cheaper metals don’t have.

Styles and Trends

925 silver jewellery comes in a diverse array of styles.

From minimalist silver rings to nature-inspired pendants, the versatility of this unique metal makes it perfect for all kinds of designs.

Geometric shapes, boho-chic patterns, and celestial motifs are just some of the ways we at Pag and Mag incorporate silver.

Stacking rings and layering necklaces are popular trends right now. Mixing metals is also on trend, like blending silver with rose gold.

Sterling silver has a neutral shine that coordinates well with diverse styles from everyday casual to polished and formal.  

Care and Maintenance

To keep your jewellery looking its best, proper care is important.

Tarnish, which gives the metal a dull grayish coat, happens naturally with exposure to air.

Regular polishing helps maintain the radiance and luster of sterling silver. Gentle cleansers like silver-specific polishing cloths are safe options. Harsh chemicals can damage sterling silver.

Doing activities like swimming or exercising that expose silver to chlorine or sweat can accelerate tarnish. But with occasional gentle cleaning and polishing, sterling silver can maintain its luminous beauty for years to come.

Styling and Outfit Ideas 

The versatile shine of sterling silver jewelry allows it to complement both casual everyday outfits and formal sophisticated looks.

For a relaxed daytime outfit, pair silver rings with jeans and a tee.

Delicate sterling silver necklaces and earrings dress up a casual dress. Chunky cuff bracelets have an edgy vibe perfect for night outfits.

For formal events, dainty sterling silver adds a touch of effortless elegance.

Mix silver necklaces and earrings with an evening gown or cocktail dress. The neutral metal tone works well for black-tie occasions.

Sterling silver rings also stack beautifully together creating a pretty shimmering statement.

This versatility makes sterling silver jewellery an essential component of any well-rounded collection.